A mix of Asian flavours and classic Kiwi favourites combine in the heart of Christchurch.

Pass through the doors of Breakfree on Cashel hotel and find Café & Bar 165, offering a selection of fun and zesty meals that won’t hurt the wallet. Whether visiting on brief business trips to Christchurch, or dropping by on time-limited lunch breaks, a funky vibe sees guests of the hotel and diners from nearby offices staying to eat in good company.

An open plan interior design sees a bright space inside fill with the hum of conversation as Café & Bar 165’s rush hour begins from early in the morning. As the day rolls on, visitors come and go, picking up a quick bite to eat or meeting for coffee and enjoying a rest from lively shopping expeditions.

A collection of modern fittings creates a light-hearted atmosphere inside; walls are crafted from recycled timbers and glowing vintage bulbs add a quirky touch. Meanwhile, a backlit bar tempts those in need of a refreshing drink with a friendly selection of easy beverages. Coloured lights flash and swap to highlight local and international wines, ciders and local craft beer, and for those who prefer, there is a classic cocktail selection that proves hard to resist.